How to Stay Busy When You’re Stuck at Home

For the past few weeks we have been stuck at home but still (hopefully) staying busy with school. Now, with the year dwindling down and a whole summer ahead of us, we are still stuck at home, now with nothing to do. Here are some ways to keep yourself busy this summer when there are still limited things to do outside. 

Pick up a new hobby. I don’t mean start an old one back up again (although that is great too!). Find something totally new that has always intrigued you and look up some YouTube videos. It could be sewing, painting, playing an instrument, writing, baking, or anything else. You’ll have plenty of time to practice and show it off whenever you can see your friends again. 

Watch a new show. This might not be the most productive thing to do with your time, but it does make time go by faster and gives you some background noise while you learn that new skill. “Sports Night,” “Chuck,” “The West Wing,” and “Psych” are all good options for this, or you can check out our past article on the best sitcoms. 

Exercise. This may sound like the last thing you want to do, but you will feel much better both physically and mentally after a good workout. If you (like me) have no idea where to start, there are thousands of videos on YouTube ranging from strength to yoga to cardio. Or if that seems like too much for you, just take some long walks around your neighborhood. Plus it will be a major flex to be ripped the next time you see your friends in person.

Read. It seems like every high schooler used to read all the time when they were young and quickly lost joy in it when reading became homework, but it’s not homework anymore so go crazy! Markus Zusak has some good books, along with Rick Riordan, Dan Brown, and Madeline Miller.

Volunteer. Now more than ever there are people in the community who need help, so find an organization and volunteer some of your time (you have plenty of it), or just help out a neighbor or grandparent who is having trouble getting their everyday tasks done. 

Video Call your friends. This is arguably the most important of these options. If you can’t hang out with your friends in real life, video calls are the best way to stay in touch. You can use FaceTime if everyone has Apple products, but Skype and Zoom work just as well if that’s not the case. 

Overall, it is important to keep yourself busy while we wait for things to safely open back up, so hopefully this list will help you fill up at least a little bit of your summer.