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BHSN Students Review Barbie

BHSN Students Review “Barbie”

Drew Kelley, Staff Writer October 3, 2023

We all have heard about the cinematic sensation that is Barbie. Barbie took the world by storm and has had immense box office success and outperformed every movie this year crossing over 1.5 Billion dollars....

All Sports Pass still valuable even after fall sports season

All Sports Pass still valuable even after fall sports season

Margaret Hill, Staff Writer December 9, 2022

As crazy as it sounds, other sports exist outside of football. With football season having recently ended, the various BHSN ALL Sports Passes seem to have less value. However, with both winter and spring...

Mia Robbennolt (11), Ava Moore (10) and Claire Hodson (10)

OPINION: Morning Practices Aren’t Necessary for High School Athletes

Jackson Pitner, Staff Reporter November 9, 2022

With the evolution of high school athletics, morning practices are more common than ever. Many student-athletes are required to wake up as early as 5 a.m. to attend morning sessions before school, and...

Is True Crime Ethical?

Is True Crime Ethical?

Lexie Blosser, Staff Reporter November 4, 2022

People find true crime so fascinating because it allows us as an audience to attempt to solve the problem, and we become actively involved throughout the course of the story. True crime reading, watching,...

How to Stay Busy When You’re Stuck at Home

Maggie Piercy May 6, 2020

For the past few weeks we have been stuck at home but still (hopefully) staying busy with school. Now, with the year dwindling down and a whole summer ahead of us, we are still stuck at home, now with...

ConFused 2020

April 1, 2020

Click the link below to read the 2020 edition of ConFused! ConFused PDF final

Do We Need Valentine’s Day?

Zoe Scheuerman, Reporter February 11, 2020

The old saying goes that you can’t buy happiness, but our corporate overlords have certainly done everything in their power to prove it wrong. Many holidays have become commercialized (Although Thanksgiving...

The Seven Best Ways to Ignore Valentine’s Day

Maggie Piercy, Co-Editor February 11, 2020

Valentine’s Day is a trash holiday. You are either happily in a relationship, wish you were, or fine with being single and stuck watching the hordes of happy couples fill your Instagram feed. So...

A Scientific Ranking of Bloomington’s Coffee Houses

Zoe Scheuerman, Reporter January 28, 2020

Bloomington’s legion of coffee shops is famously massive, and many people go to cafes for their caffeine and snack needs. Which local coffee shop is objectively the best is hotly debated, so I decided...

Tragic Cats

Tragic Cats

Bronwen Deckard, Reporter January 28, 2020

Spoiler Free “Cats,” directed by Tom Hooper, is a memory I wish I could erase. The movie’s horrifying blend of human and cat looks rushed, like there wasn’t any effort put into it, and the A-list...

We Have Always Lived In The Castle Book Cover

We Have Always Lived In The Castle – Book Review

Gabe Norris, Reporter November 22, 2019

Book: We Have Always Lived In The Castle Author: Shirely Jackson Genre: Gothic Horror Minimal Spoilers   The short novel We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirely Jackson is certainly...

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