All Sports Pass still valuable even after fall sports season


As crazy as it sounds, other sports exist outside of football. With football season having recently ended, the various BHSN ALL Sports Passes seem to have less value. However, with both winter and spring sports still playing, there are plenty of uses for the BHSN all Sports Passes, and even more reasons to purchase one.The cost-effectiveness of a Students All Sports Pass is its most significant selling point. The reason for that is Mr. Hodson, the Bloomington High School North Athletic Director and creator of the Students All Sports Pass, wants to encourage student-athletes. “We definitely want students there,” said Mr. Hodson. “And that is why we make it only $30.”
After purchasing a sports pass, you only need to attend five games of any sport to pay it off. That means that if you attended five football games last semester, any games you attend during the second semester will essentially be free. However, even if you are only purchasing one this year, there are plenty of games left. According to Mr. Hodson, “We still got all the Winter and spring sports. You’ve got every swimming event that we have at home, boys and girls. You’ve got gymnastics events. Girls basketball, boys basketball, wrestling.” Additionally, if you are not committed to just one sport, the Students Sports Pass will allow you to experience that variety easily. According to Mr. Hodson, “The Sports Pass can go on your phone. So, a lot of kids are carrying around phones now so you can have the QR code on your phone to get scanned, you can have the event link saved in your phone, you can have the vent link app where you can go into your phone and click on it and have it to scan, or you can print it out and have it in your wallet or purse.” The sports pass is very hard to forget and super easy to use. You can purchase a BHSN Students All Sports Pass at In addition, you can purchase a family pass for $200, an adult pass for $80, or a senior citizen pass for $60. Any of these passes are cost effective, convenient, and support the hard-working athletes at Bloomington High School North. Be you a parent, grandparent, or friend, the BHSN All Sports Passes are beneficial to all.