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High School Athletics: Advice from a Physical Therapist

High School Athletics: Advice from a Physical Therapist

Jack Steiner, Staff Reporter December 6, 2022

The high school athletics scene is full of differing opinions and misinformation. What should we be doing? A professional physical therapist has the answers.   Ryan Taylor works at IU Health...

Ebba Teferra

Ebba Tefera, a look into the National Honor Society

Logan Havron, Staff Reporter October 27, 2022

The ability to motivate oneself is one tough for most people, and one sought by many,  but for Ebba Tefera, it has come naturally. Ebba Tefera is a junior at BHSN, and a member of National Honor Society....

An Inside Scoop of the North Yearbook Editor in Chief: Nora Collins

An Inside Scoop of the North Yearbook Editor in Chief: Nora Collins

Bailee McRoberts, Staff Reporter October 11, 2022

Nora Collins, editor-in-chief of Bloomington High School North's yearbook committee, has quite a busy daily schedule. Nora's responsibilities within the yearbook committee include knowing exactly who is...


BHSN Teacher Amy Crozier Reflects on Cross Country Career

Jackson Pitner, Staff Reporter October 7, 2022

When Amy Crozier arrived at Bloomington North in 1977, girls’ cross country wasn’t a recognized sport in Indiana. She didn’t know that beforehand, but when she found out, nothing really changed....

6 Ways to Relax After Online School

Hannah Arroyo February 8, 2021

Online classes have been stressing a lot of us out as of late. There are a lot of ways to relax and get away from the stress that school has been bringing.    Meditation  Meditation is...

Six Animated Shows You Should Watch

Hannah Arroyo February 8, 2021

Due to COVID-19 everyone is still stuck inside, lounging around with nothing else to do. Even though it is tempting to hang out with friends, it still can lead to more people getting sick. To encourage...

Halloween Spirits at North

George Balas, contributor October 30, 2020

Getting decked out in creative costumes for Halloween is a time-honored tradition that can get anyone in a festive mood. That same festive mood is coming out in force this year as North students and staff...

Inside the Largest Retailer during COVID-19

Isaiah King, Reporter September 15, 2020

     The year of 2020 has not been kind to people at all. Many notable people passed away, election tensions are high, and most of all, there is a worldwide pandemic that has been an issue since the...

How to Stay Busy When You’re Stuck at Home

Maggie Piercy May 6, 2020

For the past few weeks we have been stuck at home but still (hopefully) staying busy with school. Now, with the year dwindling down and a whole summer ahead of us, we are still stuck at home, now with...

ConFused 2020

April 1, 2020

Click the link below to read the 2020 edition of ConFused! ConFused PDF final

7 Ways to Ask Out Your Crush

Ava Mattox, Co-Editor February 11, 2020

You Have Nothing to Lose Face it, this is high school. If you get rejected, chances are you will never see that person again after you graduate. Also in a school the size of North, you may also never...

The Rise of LGBTQ+ Nightlife in the 1920s

Olivia Ryan February 11, 2020

The roaring twenties was a time of steep ascension for the LGBTQ+ nightlife scene in the United States. The incline having been so significant that even non-LGBTQ+ people went to gay clubs for most of...

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