6 Ways to Relax After Online School

How to calm down from the stresses of online school.

Online classes have been stressing a lot of us out as of late. There are a lot of ways to relax and get away from the stress that school has been bringing. 


  • Meditation 
A meditation session in a Manhattan studio with Photographer: Nicole Bengiveno

Meditation is a good way to calm and relax the mind. It can be easy to get into because you don’t need anything besides a will to try. You can meditate anywhere and it can help with stress, anxiety, self-awareness and many other things. There are a lot of free apps (such as Smiling Mind or Insight Timer) and videos on YouTube that can help you get started like this one

  • Baking 
A woman in a bakery making bagels. Photographer: Michel George


Baking is one way to show creativity and imagination in the kitchen. Some people say that baking is a stress reliever and helps in giving them time to think about the day. Baking also allows you to have a satisfying reward when you are done. For starters, try this easy recipe for banana bread.  

  • Read 
“Young Girl Reading” Painter: Fragonard

Although I’m sure you have read enough in your English classes, reading something of your choice might be relaxing. Reading is beneficial in many ways, like helping increase your vocabulary and sometimes even new knowledge. Being able to indulge yourself into a new world could help you relax. A free way to read most book online is through Many Books, which offers a download and an option to read it through the website.

  • Create a Piece of Art 


Woman creating a large artwork on the floor at IU. Artist: Anna Powell Teeter

Even if you are not good at art, you should try creating something. It allows you to have a full creative control on, something that you’re typically not able to get in schools. You also get the same satisfaction of finishing the work or being able to create something out of nothing. If you are a beginner, here is a playlist that guides you through the basics of how to draw.  

  • Writing
Woman writing in a journal. Photographer: Kristina Strasunske (Getty Images)

Although similar to art, writing can be a good alternative if you are not feeling artistic. Writing allows a creative liberty and free-range of any ideas you have. Because writing has no limits, you could write about anything from venting to fantasy and it could be a good way to express yourself. 

  • Cleaning your room 
A clean and organized closet. Photographer: Marie Kondo

Although this is probably the last thing you want to do, it could help you relax and ease some stress. Cleaning is a good way to cleanse your mind and remove things you don’t need in your life. Once you’re done, you also get the satisfaction of getting something done.  Some people say that having a clean room can help you focus. One good way to go about this is the Marie Kondo Way, which is simple and easy way to get started.