An Inside Scoop of the North Yearbook Editor in Chief: Nora Collins

Nora Collins, editor-in-chief of Bloomington High School North’s yearbook committee, has quite a busy daily schedule. Nora’s responsibilities within the yearbook committee include knowing exactly who is responsible for tasks, who has been assigned to complete it, keeping track of everyone, and having to look at the bigger picture of things and fit everything together on time. Outside of school, Nora works at a women’s clothing store in the fountain square mall called Mirth where she has been working since spring of her freshman year. Nora also enjoys writing fantasy books in her scarce free time. 

Nora’s drive and passions have been a culmination of her upbringing and relationships. Nora was born in Unionville, a small town outside of Bloomington. Her relationship with her brother has been meaningful, and she says she “owes a lot of who she is today” to him. In her youth, she found her passions 

theater and dance, which she still continues at BHSN. Nora’s ambition, experiences, and passions fuel where she is headed in the future. Currently she is working on her biggest accomplishment which is this year’s yearbook for BHSN (2022-23). After high school Nora wants to go to film school, get a film internship, and eventually become a film director or producer for movies. 

In the meantime, Nora will continue overseeing the yearbook and helping students organize their work and stay on task. Nora encourages to join the staff and be a part of something “that really matters”. Nora expressed, “no one is going to look at your math homework 20 years from now, but here we are looking at yearbooks from the 70s”. “If you’re thinking about joining, definitely do it.” 

If you would like to join the yearbook staff please contact Mr. Cockrum or Nora Collins.