7 Ways to Ask Out Your Crush

You Have Nothing to Lose

Face it, this is high school. If you get rejected, chances are you will never see that person again after you graduate. Also in a school the size of North, you may also never have a class with them again. The embarrassment and pain of rejection will be nothing compared to the possible relationship you may have if you put yourself out there. So here are the best ways to bite the bullet and ask out your crush.


1.Get them a Carnation from Fused: Flowers are always a sweet gift to let someone know how you feel about them. Everyone loves to get flowers and supporting a good cause is always attractive. 

2.Bring them Food: Being in high school makes everyone constantly hungry, so surprising your crush with some snacks is always a good move. While they’re scarfing down their meal, they’ll be so excited that asking them out is a no brainer.

3.SLIDE IN THOSE DMS (respectfully)- If you are too shy to make your move in person, technology has offered a solution: the direct message. However, make sure you know this person well before making this move so they don’t get creeped out. You wouldn’t want to scare them away!

4.Write them a Note: If you’re not so tech savvy but you’re still not ready to vocalize your love for them, a note may do the trick. A cute note telling them about how you feel and asking them if they want to go get food is always a good choice. Notes are unique compared to texting nowadays, and they can keep the note forever, which is pretty adorable!

5.Say it to their Face: Don’t be weak. If you’re going to want to date someone, it’s probably a good idea to be comfortable talking to them. Especially when it comes to how you feel about them. So the next time you see them, pull them aside for a little chat and let them know how you feel. 😉

6.Show up at their House: First of all, make sure this would be okay with them and their families since trespassing on their property may not get you in good with their parents. But in all the good romantic movies, asking someone out usually involves the person walking up their crushes steps with chocolate and roses and greeting them at the door. If you ignore the times when the family dog runs the trespasser off the property, this always ends well in movies. 

 7.Do Something Extravagant: Showing up to school with a large sign saying you love someone is bound to get their attention. Or if you’re talented (or not) you could perform a musical number for them. 


If these ways do not end in a newfound relationship, do not be alarmed. It is okay to get rejected. It’s better to find out that someone does not reciprocate your feelings early on because then you will not have wasted precious time on your search for true love. There will always be more fish in the sea.