Fall Choral Festival

2019  is the first year to include choirs from all feeder middle schools as well as BHSN!


On Oct. 23, North held the first choir concert of this school year, the Fall Choral Festival. Normally, the festival only features singers from North, but Mrs. Crozier, North’s Choral Director, decided to do something a little different. This year, the Fall Choral Festival featured not only North’s choir, but also the choirs from Bachelor, St. Charles, and Tri-North middle schools. The choirs sang a selection of songs from local composers as well as composers from places elsewhere in the world, according to Crozier. 


To begin the evening, the Bachelor, St. Charles, and Tri-North Choirs performed two songs together, “Agnus Dei” and “Windy Nights.” 


The next singers to perform were a mix of middle schoolers as well as North students. This mixed chorus performed “Come in From the Firefly Darkness,” which featured soloists from North’s choir including Begum Balat, Skyler Hayworth, Griffin Loudermilk and Nathan Henderickson. The mixed chorus also sang “Tres Canciones De Los Elementos.” 


The Treble choir performed “The River Sleeps Beneath The Sky” and “¡Cantamos!” “¡Cantamos!” is a Latin piece that translates to “We Sing!” The choir sang half of this song in Spanish, and the other half in English. Many of the songs at the concert were centered around the ideas of joy and hope, and that is why the Advanced Treble Choir began their set of songs with “Sing Out Your Joy.” They also sang “Hotaru Koi” and “Fire.”


This year North also put together a Bass choir, and they performed “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel,” a song with a fast rhythm focused on alliteration of the lyrics.


The Chamber choir performed four songs, beginning with the “Earth Song”. Then they sang “Hands are Knockin’,” with two singer soloists, Angelica Jarillo and Sylvia Beaver, and two percussion soloists, Michael Ahearn and Joel Brainard. The Chamber choir finished up with “The Ghost’s Story,” which included Gretchen Wheeler with the Marimba, and “Hope for the World.”


To conclude the night, the choirs all came together to sing “I Sing Because I’m Happy.” This song had Ian Yoo on the drumset and Mari Berin playing bass to complement the singers in the final song of the Fall Choral Festival.