Artist of the Month: Hunter Broomall

Hunter Broomall’s cup project.

Margaret Hill

Hunter Broomall’s cup project.

Hunter Broomall is a junior at North currently in his third year of drawing. This month, drawing classes were given a “paper cup” assignment, in which they were given free range to create any black and white artwork on a canvas of a cup. Hunter chose to do a tree because “It’s simple, yet I’ll have to proportion it to how the cup is facing.” For this project, Hunter has drawn hundreds of dots onto this cup, and he’s still working. According to him, “It’s probably taken me like ten hours”. He has shared his thought process behind the scenes of his work.

In this detailed piece, artist Hunter Broomall is most proud of his delicate precision. “The only detailed part is the tree itself, and that looks pretty clean,” Hunter said. “There’s no streaks from the pencil or something that looks off about the tree.”

Yet, even with the superb progress Hunter has made, there is still work left to do. As mentioned, this tree is made entirely of dots, using a drawing technique called stippling. Hunter feels that “there are some parts of the tree that do not match up with others in terms of how dark it is. So what I have to do is blend them in by adding more dots.”

When asked why he is taking art classes at North, Hunter replied that he did not plan on sticking around this long, but his mind was changed by the teacher. “I was planning on doing drawing one and two, and then something else this year, but Mr. Allanson is such a good teacher and his class is so good that I decided to take three and four.” In similar praise, Hunter told the story of how “before drawing I thought ‘well I can’t draw’ but now I feel like I can, because of Mr. Allanson.”