Two New BHSN Teachers Express Their Excitement for the New School Year


Raegan Deckard

Ms. Cancel grading papers in the lab. 09/08/2022

This year, Bloomington High School North has gained many new staff members such as Miss Cancel and Dr. Boveroux who were interviewed last week on their new environment and shared their thoughts on the school. Miss Cancel was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has been teaching a variety of math and science classes, including algebra, chemistry, physics, and biomed, in the United States for almost nineteen years now. Miss Cancel also used to work for the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship here in Bloomington, so she is not new to the town. At BHSN, she now teaches both physics and ICP. Dr. Boveroux, referred to as Dr. Bov by his students, is the new choir director here at North. He has been in this field for almost fifteen years, starting in community and church choirs, then moving up to university choirs as he worked to get his doctorate degree.

Miss Cancel has expressed her excitement for the new school year. “The transitioning has been awesome. I really like it.” As a minority woman in S.T.E.M., Miss Cancel has explained her love for the North environment. “I like the diversity, which is not common in other schools.” She emphasized her main goal for her first year at BHSN is to “bring awareness of diversity … not just in the school environment, but to the science world as well.”


Meanwhile, Dr. Bov is “having an absolute blast”. Not only does he love North, but Bloomington as well. From the amazing but cheap musical productions, to the budding talent in Jacob’s School of Music, Bloomington is “weirdly incredibly well situated for the arts.”And this artistic environment has extended to within Bloomington North. “All of the ensembles here are making music together, and it’s wonderful.” Dr. Boveroux’s main goal for his first year teaching here is to grow the choir program so it can become more than what it once was. He plans on doing so by building a sense of community within the choir program. “The most important part is to build a community of singers rather than just a classroom where people sing together.”