A Star is Born


The North Star is back. Not only are we bringing back the student-produced news website, we are rebranding from Fused it to the original name of the BHSN newspaper, The North Star. Following is an excerpt from the first ever issue of The North Star (September 1, 1972). We are reposting it because we believe the staff of the first North Star captured our thoughts exactly as we work to build our coverage of BHSN.

With this issue, the NORTH STAR is born. We intend to offer you a newspaper unlike any of those at the previous Monroe County high schools.

The staff of the STAR will not put out a paper just for the sake of having one. Every newspaper has its goals and standards, and as a staff that desires a quality newspaper for the Bloomington High School North community, we have set lofty, but reachable goals for the NORTH STAR.

Probably the most important guideline for the paper is that its contents will be, accurate, objective reporting. All sides of every con­troversial subject that you read in the STAR will be given equal time.

In taking a position on an issue, the STAR staff will always try to “know the temperature of the water before diving in.”

In essence, we are striving for a professional newspaper. However, since we arc an entirely amateur staff, there will undoubtedly be times when something we write may be less than professional quality. When this happens, let us know about it. This newspaper is not the voice of its staff, but the voice of an entire com­munity. We want to print the opinions of everyone in the B.H.S. North area.

During this first year of Bloomington North, a lot about the school and its services will need lo be made known. By reading the NORTH STAR, you can find out in depth what your school offers and how you can take advantage of its programs and services.

Since we are a biweekly; publication, pulling current news in each article of each issue will be difficult so the STAR will contain several in-­depth features and news stories that go un­derneath the surface facts.

The students of B.H.S. North, not yet having a functioning student government of any sort, need a leader to make public their causes. The STAR will function in that capacity, along with being a bridge between the administration and the students.

The NORTH STAR will not be an exclusive production strictly for the staff members. We welcome all your articles about anything you wish to write about. As with stories written by our staff members, we cannot guarantee publication, but your story will have the same chance to be printed as any staff member’s will.

Contained in the STAR will be many en­tertainment features, such as cartoons, photo feature, movie, record, and book reviewes. etc. This will mean a more rounded newspaper for B.H. S. North, as well as more interesting and attractive one.

Finally, we want the NORTH STAR to become the best high school newspaper the Bloomington area has ever seen. With your help we just might make it.

We have included the entire newspaper here so you can read it. The original is framed and hanging in the school library if you’d like to see it in person.